Thursday, April 28, 2016

DIY Furniture Style Cabinet

Whew, I have another project crossed off the list in our master bath remodel. Creating a diy furniture style cabinet using the existing builder grade vanity is a great (cheap) alternative to replacing it.

We have the typical boring cabinets throughout our home- basic, no frills, and probably not much real wood either.

Step 1

First, I painted the toe kick black to give the illusion of a shadow under a leggy furniture piece.

Step 2

My next step to aid in the furniture illusion was to add legs to the cabinet. Because you hafta’ have legs on a leggy furniture-look vanity, right? Van Dyke’s has an awesome selection and I was able to find just the right style and size. The Greco Roman Square Tulip Foot (affiliate link) on Amazon is similar.
I measured the height of the toe kick on our cabinet in each spot where I wanted a leg, then looked for legs that would be a little taller than the largest measurement. (I wanted to have extra height to easily trim as needed to allow for uneven floors.)
I also knew I wanted the top section of the legs to be square so that it would transition smoothly to the future vanity skirts. Here is a closeup after priming, painting, and attaching to the vanity. (This pic was taken after we attached the skirts also.)

Step 3

The cabinet stayed in that stage for several weeks months until I decided on a design for the skirt sections. I first cut the design out of cardboard and modified as needed for each section. Then I used my rotozip (affiliate link) to cut the pieces out of 3/4 inch mdf. A jig saw would probably be easier, but I worked with what I have. I primed, then painted with the same semi-gloss latex enamel I used on the legs.

With no budget for a new vanity, this project seemed like a good compromise. I think it fits with my love of curvy French country furniture, but of course you could create any style with different feet and skirt. Think you would give this a try?

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